About B&G Cranes
Founded in 1946 in New Orleans by Xavier Grilletta, Sr. and his brother-in law Louis Bronzo, B&G Crane Service has played an instrumental role in the construction industry of the city and surrounding region. In 1971, Grilletta bought Bronzo's share of the company and today, the company has three generations involved in the management and daily operations.

In 2010, The Sterling Group of Houston bought the majority interest in the company, which allowed B&G to expand its services into Texas. B&G now also operates in Beaumont and Baytown, Texas.

With corporate headquarters in New Orleans and branch offices in Baton Rouge, Beaumont, and Baytown, B&G is staffed with a highly skilled workforce and continuously operates a fleet of over 150 cranes from 4-ton to 825-ton capacities and a support truck fleet of over 100 trucks.
B&G is differentiated by our safety performance, account management processes, commitment to our clients, and our maintenance and reliability programs.

Our safety continues to outperform our competitors and remains our No. 1 priority to our employees, clients, and stakeholders. B&G Crane Service is dedicated to maintaining its position as the industry leader in providing the highest quality, most dependable, safest and most economical service in crane rental, heavy rigging and specialty hauling.


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