The B&G Approach
Account Management Process:
B&G Crane Service has developed a unique account management process to deliver the kind of results expected and demanded by our customers in regards to performance and safety when executing crane service on your project location. The approach focuses on customer needs, project requirements, critical lift planning and associated AutoCAD drawings, proposal review and safe execution and continuous improvement.

The account management team works closely with each customer in the development and design phase of the project to fully understand the customer's needs and timing of the project. The job site visit by the Account Manager allows him to closely look at the location of the lift, sizing of the crane, loadbearing requirements of the area, and understand the complete scope of the project or lift.

Once the critical information is gathered a detail critical lift plan will be developed as well as the associated detailed AutoCAD drawings for the lift. In cases where there are to be several lifts, the Account Manager will include the AutoCAD drawings of the cranes in conjunction with a plot plan of the site, if available.

Integrated into the process is continuous communication with the client as to any changes in the requirements of the project, if they are encountered the Account Manager is available to make changes in the lift planning and associated drawings.

Throughout the actual execution of the lift, the Account Manager is on location to review lift plans with the operators and client as well as review of the JSA (Job Safety Analysis). Should any changing in the scope need to be made the Account Manager in charge of the lift is available on location to provide the planning as well as communication with the client.

By utilizing this strategic approach, B&G can ensure each client of our commitment to quality management and safe execution.

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Port Arthur, TX