Crane Safety:
Completed 2011 with 517,000 man-hours and a TRIR of 0.39
Completed 2012 with 684,400 man-hours and a TRIR of 0.88
Completed 2013 with 685,620 man-hours and a TRIR of 0.29
Completed 2014 with 787,315 man-hours and a TRIR of 0.76

Over 27 years without an OSHA Citation B&G Crane Service, LLC is one of the frontrunners in crane safety. The company's safety program meets and exceeds the most stringent standards in the industry. By creating a safety oriented work environment, B&G has instilled a safe work attitude, which is shared by all employees from the highest levels of management to field personnel. This is attributed to the safety commitment of the company and our long-term employees that understand that safety is the No. 1 priority within our company as well as with clients that we serve. All of our operators are graduates of Union Administrated Apprenticeship Program and are currently NCCCO certified. The certification includes causes of mobile crane accidents and prevention along with crane design principle, which increases the awareness of hazard recognition and minimizes incidents.

All of our riggers are qualified through the Union Administrated Apprenticeship Program and they receive basic rigging training from an accredited 3rd party. The training includes inspection of rigging prior to use and hazards associated with rigging to increase their awareness and also minimizes any incidents. Additional training includes the understanding of load dynamics and associated hazards.

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Port Arthur, TX